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Vendor words


Quotes were excerpted from multiple interviews with event industry professionals. These were conducted for Michael to qualify for placement in the wedding planner, "Here Comes The Guide."

Interviews were conducted by: Hopscotch Press, an independent marketing company.

"Michael's very professional. He's very well thought of by his clients, and is a nice guy. His work is very good; I think it's very creative. People always look relaxed in his photos, and he has great technical skills, nice composition. I think his pictures are excellent."

"Michael's produced an immense volume of work that's technically competent. His greatest gift is that he's innovative and very enthusiastic. He invests himself fully in every job and is forever experimenting with new things. I give him very high marks for service. he works very hard on making the client happy and getting everything right."

"Michael takes jobs very seriously, he's very good; I think he's one of the top professional photographers in the Bay Area. He's got a unique style, very romantic. He's creative and artistic. And he's very personable, makes people feel relaxed."

"His work is excellent! The quality is tops; he did some banquet photos for us and I referred him to a number of people. I've never had a complaint about him; he's definitely someone I recommend on a regular basis."

"Michael is very likable, responsible, and his work is beautiful. I've referred him on a number of occasions."

"I would and do recommend Michael Loeb; he's extremely dedicated to his craft and is very professional about his business. He's been good to talk to for my work (I do flower arrangements), giving me hints about what kinds of designs photograph best, etc. I know he keeps up on the technical end of the business, which a good photographer must do, and he always works to improve. I've never heard a negative comment from a client about him."

"Michael Loeb is fabulous! I'm very impressed with him and I think his work is excellent. He comes fresh and creative each time to a job; he's not a format photographer. If you're looking for high quality and thinking of spending the money on his services, I'd say 'Go for it!"'

"I recommend him myself. He's very professional and personable and is technically adept. He has a good eye; all the ingredients for being a good photographer. He definitely ranks among the top photographers technically. I also think he ranks very highly in dealing with clients and guests. He never annoys people, he charms them."