crafted by photobiz

We offer the following video options:

A complete record all the important moments and action recording all the sound and motion of the
events you will cherish reliving. The video is either edited in camera or done in an editing suite with options for various lengths of highlight reels depending on which package you choose. 

You can have the video uploaded online for anyone to view with publicly or with a password. Also there are several methods for providing the video for you directly and we can explore which method you prefer. 

Equipment includes high end professional cameras, many types of lenses, video lights
for a more pleasing effect when appropriate and wireless and shotgun mics for the best sound.

Please contact Michael Loeb to obtain a quote. Prices are very reasonable and can be bundled to
suit your needs nicely when combined with a professional photography package or other services we offer.

We also offer drone aerial video and there are samples under Array of Services. Photos can also be taken from the drone.

You will notice that when watching your video, you will get to not only relive
special moments that only a tasteful video can capture, but lots of fun moments as well! For instance,
at the recent wedding, our video caught the little boy ring bearer falling asleep on the altar during the
vows and almost falling over!

We invite you to explore what we have to offer by previewing some of the video in the video link.

A special dance videotaped by Michael Loeb Photo and Video:     415-717-1220